Friday, 22 February 2013

Orly Perfect Pairs: 6: Steel Grey

Good evening lovelies!

TGI Friday - As if I have to tell you how much I LOVE the weekends :-)

I saved my favourite Orly perfect pair until last... I have a soft spot for all things grey. I don't care if it is a pale dove grey or the very darkest of charcoal greys I will love it anyway. Add in some dark silver glitter and I am sold...

This is my finished look... made up of Orly Steele Your Heart and Orly Atomic Splash

Orly Steele Your Heart has been a staple polish in my collection for a while and everytime I use it I am impressed by the colour and the coverage.

Orly Atomic Splash is part of the Glam FX collection and is a must have for me. The gunmetal glitters will look amazing layered over just about any polish in my whole collection. Below is just one coat swatched over my naked nails.

Side by side shot...

I couldn't resist adding this winter sunshine shot. I took this picture in January after a particularly heavy snow shower, as the sun was broke through it added the perfect 'glare' to these pictures.

This is one of the promo shots I did for Hayley's campaign... she used these pictures on Valentine's but is also going to recycle them for Mother's Day :-)

One final shot of these beautiful polishes combined...

So this post concludes my series of Orly Perfect Pairs - I hope you enjoyed them all :-)

Although it was hard work completing all six looks in one day I really enjoyed it and I hope the campaigns are a success for Hayley.

Louise xx