Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Orly Perfect Pairs: 5: Blackened Teal

Good evening lovelies!

Another Orly Perfect Pair for you tonight... this one features another first for this blog and another pet hate of mine... bar glitter :-(

I have never liked how it looks on me and do not own a single polish that contains bar glitter, however as with the other Orly Perfect Pairs (including the brown polish!) this sparkly little number won me around!! I think mainly because it was beautifully rainbow coloured and holographic. See for yourself...

Check out the multi colours in this glitter...

For this Perfect Pair I used Orly Le Chateau which is a blackened teal jelly. I have featured this polish before here but I didnt include a swatch picture as the one I took at the time looked plain black. In the below picture you can see the teal showing through this blackened jelly base.

On my other hand is one coat of Orly Sunglasses At Night which as you can see is made up of blue holographic bar glitters. This is one of my least favourites from the collection but I have to say it layered really well and looked very effective.

Here are the polishes side by side...

I couldn't resist the sunglasses prop to match the name of this holo bar glitter... Sunglasses At Night :-)

I honestly like this bar glitter so much more than I thought I would and might even be tempted to purchase it and make it a permanent addition to my polish collection.

Here is a picture with the flash on...

Finally here are a couple more pictures from the promo shots I put together...

Do you like bar glitter? If like me you were a bit of a hater would you actually be converted after seeing this?

Louise xx


  1. I never thought bar glitter looked good until discovering this post. They look super cool. I bet you get alot of compliments , because there quite unusual. Great post x