Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy St. Georges Day

Good evening lovelies

Can you believe what happened to me and little sis yesterday... We set off on our much anticipated sister trip to Birmingham to see the one and only Pink live in concert and then... she cancelled!! When we heard the news we had already checked into our hotel for the night and already treated ourselves to a glass or two of Pinot so neither of us could drive. Of course we made the most of the night by eating and drinking ouselves merry but still we were (and still are) gutted... :(.

Anyway my NOTD is to celebrate St George's Day... The legend goes that St George slayed the dragon to save the locals from sacrificing their children. With that in mind of course I reached for appropriately named polishes...

What better way to put this manicure together than using two of the gorgeous greens from the Legends collection by a-England. I started with the aptly named Saint George on my index finger. Regular readers will know this is one of my all time fav's - the most perfect teal green holo polish ever!

On my middle finger I painted two thin coats of Matt White by Barry M. Then using red striping tape I made a neat cross to represent the flag of England which of course is St George's cross.


Finally on my ring and index fingers I painted two perfect coats of Dragon by a-England. Dragon has the same stunning formula as Saint George and could easily be a one coater.

To represent dragon scales I used Barry M Gold Foil and a pattern from Gals plate GA 14.

I hope you like my patriotic nails? I had originally planned to post the manicure I designed for the Pink concert and also include a few pics of me and the little sis having an amazing time :-(. Oh well at least we have the re-scheduled gig to look forward to and maybe I will still post the Pink nails later this week.

Louise xx


  1. I am SO sorry to hear that Pink cancelled your concert! I hope you will get replacement tickets for another show. I'm glad you and your sister where still able to make the best out of the situation. I absolutely adore these nails, The colours are beautiful and I love how you made it look like dragon scales! xx

  2. Wow love the detail work in your nail art :0