Friday, 5 April 2013

Diamond Nails and Diamond Rings

Good evening lovelies!

Happy Friday to you all... Today has been a day dedicated to Diamonds!!

Earlier this week whilst out for a meal with Mr LiPP we walked past a jewellers and both did a double take at a huge picture outside of the most beautiful bridal set we had ever seen. Instantly we knew this was THE set I had been dreaming of... I already have a yellow gold set from our wedding day but I had always dreamed of owning a white gold set as well :-).

As our 5 year wedding anniversary is approaching and it had always been Mr LiPP's intention to buy me an eternity ring as an anniversary gift he turned to me and said... if you want this white gold set you can have it! Of course I snapped his hand off at the offer and the rest is history...

It goes without saying that I wore Diamonds on my nails on the day I collected Diamonds from the jewellers...

I started with a base of two coats of Illamasqua Boosh on each nail. I know people think that all black polishes are the same but that honestly isn't the case and this one really is jet black and goregeously shiny.

On my ring finger only (for obvious, diamond collecting reasons) I added one coat of Northern Lights Hologram in Silver. Beautifully sparkly and perfect for the occasion, not to mention absolutely stunning under the intense lights in the jewellery shop!

Then using Barry M Silver Foil, I stamped the simple heart outline pattern from plate BM 317 on all fingers apart from my ring finger... which was reserved exclusively for the Diamond stamp found on plate BM 09.

A close up of my Diamond ring finger...

Introducing the Diamonds in all their glory...

Close up...

Finally as this is a nail blog I thought it best to end on a nail picture!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends - me and Mr LiPP are off to celebrate (and stare at diamonds)

Louise xx


  1. nice manicure :) love the stamping combination <3

  2. Happy Anniversary, I hope you have a great time celebrating! Beautiful mani, The stamping is amazing :) xx

  3. Ah, your ring is beautiful, and the mani perfectly matches, lovely! xxx

  4. Congratulations :), stunning ring and love the mani! xxx