Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pretty Pink with White Flowers

Good evening lovelies

How was your Wednesday? As you read this, the little sis and I will be on another of our work road trips! This time it is only for one day and one night but still, I hate being away from home so thank goodness I work with Laura and we are currently involved in the same project so able to go away together :-).

Tonight I decided to go for something simple but very girly... of course that had to involve bubblegum pink and pretty little flowers :-).

I started with two perfect coats of Barry M Bright Pink. What can I say other than its bright... and its pink! I love this shade and will wear it a lot more now that spring may actually be on the way (don't hold your breath!)

Using Konad White (must buy another bottle) I stamped this pretty flower outline using the design found on Cheeky plate CH 12. Again this will be perfect now that we are heading towards summer. I liked this design so much that I then used it to make a nail polish ring for a good friend of mine :-).

I really enjoyed wearing this simply but effective manicure. In fact it has reminded me how much I like to wear pink! How about you? Do you love or hate to wear pink nails?

Louise xx