Sunday, 28 April 2013

Perfect nails for Shopping!

Today is my almost birthday!

It has long since been a tradition in my family that we stretch our birthdays out as much as possible... one day for celebrating with family... one day with friends... at least one big meal out (or sometimes two)... you get the picture, the more chances we get to celebrate the better :-).

Today was spent with my little sister, just the two of us eating, drinking and shopping! We had an amazing day and I was totally spoiled rotten. I got lots of lovely presents from Laura this morning, including a bag I fell in love with in London back in January and had no idea I was getting, not to mention money to spend on myself in the city - and spend I did.

Here are the perfect nails to accompany my shopping spree...

I started with a base of Warhol by Color Club. This colour is from my new Poptastic collection and is the  most amazing neon raspberry pink. I LOVE it!! My camera just could not pick up how neon but still gorgeous this colour actually is.

Using Konad White I stamped the small bows from plate BM 317 on my index and ring finger, the simple heart outline on my middle finger from the same plate and then finally the shopping text on my ring finger and thumbs from plate CH 54.

A close up of my thumb... how perfect is the shopping text for my almost birthday?!

Finally I added a layer of Northern Lights top coat in Silver and while that was wet I stuck some pretty rhinestones in the centres of the bows.

I have had such a lovely day with my little sister and we really did shop until we dropped! :-)

Louise xx