Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gingerbread Men nail art

Good evening lovelies

Happy Saturday everyone :-). Hope you have all had a good day? I have no idea where time disappeared to... I haven't achieved a great deal today but have still had a really nice day. My first package from Fragrance Direct arrived with four Sally Hansen polishes included. As the sun was still dancing around in the sky I decided I had to use this gorgeous shimmery copper...

This is Shiny Penny by Sally Hansen. It is a copper orange polish with a really pretty bronze glass shimmer running through. I used two coats and loved the finished look. It dried quickly to an almost streak free finish and looked beautiful in the late afternoon sunshine.

Here is a swatch of Shiny Penny...

Using Konad Black I decided to stamp these fun little gingerbread men all over my nails... Gingerbread men for ginger nails :-).

The design is taken from Gals plate GA 41.

Simple yet effective and cute!

What plans do you have for the rest of the weekend? It's a special one for me as my birthday is fast approaching and I have a few days off work :-). Cant wait!

Louise xx


  1. I love the coppery orange and the stamping is just too cute! :)