Friday, 25 January 2013

Stunning: a-England Dragon

Good evening my lovelies! Happy Friday!!

As the weekend is finally here I decided it called for something a little extra special on my nails... in steps the simply stunning Dragon by a-England. I cannot wait for you to see how gorgeous this polish is!

I have no major plans for this weekend which makes it perfect for a little bit of shopping, a lot of eating and plenty of time relaxing! What could be better I hear you ask... absolutely nothing as it is just what I need :-).

Right I won't keep you any longer as I know you cannot wait to see this polish up close...

See... I am right, only word will do for a polish this gorgeous... Stunning!

With flash for the stunning holo effect to show through...

Without flash so you can see how gorgeous the green is and how much gold shows through under natural light...

As you can see I could not bring myself to do anything too fancy over this polish so I used Barry M Gold Foil to add this simple leaf strip up the side of each nail. The leaf design can be found on plate BM 11.

Once the gold stamping was dry I added one very thin top coat of Northern Lights Hologram in Gold.

I cannot wait for my next order of a-England polishes to arrive (fingers crossed it could be this weekend).

I hope you all have wonderful weekends - do you have much planned?

Louise xx


  1. WOW! This polish is totally stunning! I've been seeing it around the blog world the past few days. I think it belongs on my wishlist!

  2. love a-england polish are amazing, but i don't have no one for now. :)
    the leaf design is super cute.
    have a nice and relaxing weekend.

  3. Hi Louise!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just wanted to head over and check yours out... now following you!

    Love your nail designs, look forward to seeing more posts from you :)

    I have not tried any a-england polishes before, this colour is gorgeous though.

    Laura xx

  4. I like the polish a lot. Never saw this brnd on sale. Pretty mani :)

  5. It's beautiful, and it's in my stash, but not tried yet. I have to change that soon :)