Monday, 14 January 2013

Orly: A Pair of Teals

Good evening lovelies!

Tonight I am going to show you the gorgeous Orly Go Deeper from the Glam FX collection. It is rare that I wear a polish with no stamping or nail art of any kind but this glitter way was too gorgeous to mess about with. See for yourself...

I took some pictures with my camera flash turned on and some with it turned off. In all honesty this polish looked beautiful no matter what light I captured it in but I thought I would show you both so you can see the depth of colours in Go Deeper.

I started with a base of Orly Le Chateau which is a blackened teal jelly. The application was good and as you can see it really is very blackened and quite hard to see that it has any teal in it at all. If I wanted to wear this as a stand alone colour it would need three thin coats.

Le Chateau is a such a beautiful dark teal base for this awesome green glitter...

I absolutely love this polish. Honestly I could wear this for days at a time and not get bored of looking at it!

One final picture with the flash on...

What do you think of Go Deeper? Stunning isn't it?

Also what do you think of my pictures - are they better with flash on or flash off? Fellow bloggers do you use a flash when taking your nail pictures?

Louise xx


  1. Oh wow this is stunning! Definitely want!

    I don't use flash usually...I have a few times with glitters and shimmers. It brings them out more so it's worth putting a flash picture in with the post I think

  2. Wow, I love this! Orly really has some awesome polishes!! I just recently (like last week) started using my husband's DSLR camera, which does not have a flash. I think I like the way no-flash photos look better, but sometimes that flash really shows off the sparkle! I think your photos look great. :)

  3. Wow this polish is totally amazing!! Haven't seen anything quite like it before, beautiful!! Xx

  4. it definitely is a stunning glitter!

  5. This is beautiful! Certainly worthy of being worn on its own!

  6. Have you tried this over Barry M Watermelon? It is seriously amazing! xx