Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Orly Perfect Pairs: 1: Gold

Good evening lovelies!

Tonight I am going to share with you the first of six posts showcasing the Orly Perfect Pairs that I swatched for my friend so she can promote them in her new job in beauty wholesale.

I was very lucky the day I decided to swatch these polishes as although it had been snowing, it only meant the backdrop for the outside pictures was even more beautiful and also I got to take pictures in the crisp winter sun.

This first picture shows you the finished Orly Perfect Pair for Gold...

I started with a base of Orly Flare. This is a beautiful gold shimmer from the Orly Fired Up 2012 collection and was an easy and quick drying two coater. Flare is a really pretty shade of gold that would suit most skin tones.

This next picture is a swatch of Orly It's A Meteor (no underwear). This polish is designed as a topper and is made up of red, silver and gold glitters in all shapes and sizes. It's A Meteor is from the Glam FX collection and my below swatch shows just one coat.

A nice little side by side shot for you...

I could not resist adding this gorgeous shot of Flare taken outside. Just look at how it shimmers in the sunshine and of course I am loving the snowy backdrop :-)

Here you can see the finished look with It's A Meteor layered over Flare. Doesn't it look beautiful. Quite a light manicure but still plenty of glitter for those of us who love a little bling :-)

This picture has the flash on as it better shows the red and silver glitters...

One last perfect outdoor shot... I am so in love with this final look!

How do you like this pretty layered look? I am really looking forward to showing you the other five Perfect Pairs :-)

Louise xx