Monday, 28 January 2013

Lovely Jubbly: My first Butter London

Good evening lovelies!

How has the start to your week been? I have been off today on holiday so I only have a four day working week to get through before its the weekend again already :-). I have been on a really exciting course today which I cannot wait to tell you more about over the next few weeks.

Time for some serious sparkles... This gorgeous polish was a Christmas present from Mr LiPP and the doggies.

Lovely Jubbly is a gorgeous mix of fuschia pink, deep indigo blue, shimmery light red with the added touch of gold glitter particles.

This is quite a densely packed glitter but I decided to layer it over two different base colours to see if it made any difference and also to prevent the need for a third coat of this quite expensive polish.

My index and ring fingers have a base coat of Barry M Navy (as seen above) and my middle and little fingers have a base coat of the simply gorgeous Barry M Gelly Pomegranate (as seen below).

I absolutely love this and it sparkled away all day under the harsh lights in my office :-)

Do you have any of the Butter London polishes? I think I will be adding a few more to my wishlist after seeing the quality of this one.

Louise xx


  1. Oh my, its gorgeous any way! *.* I couldn't get this beautiful Butter London, but I have on my way the dupe Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink :) I hope it looks as gorgeous as your :)**


  2. I love butter LONDON! Very beautiful color!

  3. A four day week - how awesome! I love how that extra day off really makes such a big difference. I don't have any Butter Londons yet but my wishlist for them just keeps growing...this polish included! It looks amazing!

  4. This was my first BL, too! I got it along with Primrose Hill Picnic, which makes for great "undies" for LJ. I like how you layered it over two different polishes! It's a subtle difference, but it makes for a cool look!