Saturday, 5 January 2013

Special Edition Glitter from Barry M

Good evening

I did magic up a little extra time to schedule a post for while I am awaythis weekend. As this goes live I will be in London with the girls having spent the day in Hyde Park at Winter Wonderland. We will then be pulling out the party frocks to go for a nice meal and maybe a cocktail or two ;-)

Happy Birthday Samantha (I am being a lady and not revealing your age!)

This sparkly little number is a limited edition release at Superdrug for Christmas. I just have to own each and every polish that Barry M release so I went and stocked up on a 'back up' Navy and a 'back up' Silver Foil so I could get this little beauty free!

As you can see I layered this multi glitter over my all time favourite grey - Revlon Hazy. Seriously the formula on Hazy is a dream and it dries in a flash.

I love the lids on these special edition polishes. I am actually really sad that I missed out on one more limited edition from Superdrug. Both stores we have in our city have been out of stock since the week before Christmas. Typically it was a green/blue foil polish so I was bound to love it!

I love the combination of these colours: Pink, Green and Blue. You wouldn't necessarily put these colours together in a manicure but this glitter polish really works :-)

I hope you are enjoying your weekends? Have you been very busy or are you enjoying the chance to relax?

Louise xx


  1. I love this glitter! It's just so fun! I'm sure the layering possibilities are endless! Have fun celebrating with your girls!

  2. This combination looks so good! I really love Hazy as a base - I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I hope you have a fun weekend! :D