Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ruffian nails

Good evening lovelies

Tonight I decided to try something a little different. I have seen lots of these manicures on the many nail blogs I follow and decided it was finally time for me to experiment with the ruffian technique.

I wanted to use my matte top coat so I reached for my only true matte nail polish - Orly Iron Butterfly. It looked really pretty in real life but my camera hated taking shots with a matte finish so I dont have many pictures for you today :-(

For this look I started with a base coat of Barry M Teal, which is a frost finish green polish. I am not a fan of the frost finish so was glad to cover most of this polish up with a ruffian style manicure.

I used Orly Iron Butterfly to create the ruffian look. This polish dries to a total matte finish but the last time I used it for a manicure I had to add my usual glossy top coat to prevent it chipping so much. This time I added one coat of Essie Matte About Me and stepped back to admire.

So that I could take some better pictures of this matte mani I added a layer of glossy top coat and ended up much preferring the way it looked. Iron Butterfly looks like polished granite with the glossy top coat and my camera loved it again!

Barry M Teal swatch
It just goes to show that my original idea of keeping things matte was certainly not the best idea for tonights manicure.

See you again soon

Louise xx


  1. Even though the camera wasn't agreeing with the design, these nails look fabulous Mini. xxx

  2. These are so unusual, I love them!!