Friday, 19 October 2012

Zig Zag Tips

Happy Friday loves!

Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to fun filled weekends?

I have been dying to use these gorgeous Orly polishes since I treated myself to them a few weeks back. Today I decided to steer away from stamping and used my new zig zag tip guides to create something pretty instead.

These pretty colours are from the Orly Cool Romance collection. The mint green is called Jealous, Much? and the charcoal grey is called Steele Your Heart. Both have really great formulas and dry to a fantastic finish. I looked the Cool Romance collection up online and realised that there are 6 polishes in all, I jumped on ebay to see if I could purchase the others and found them selling for £20 each. Bit too steep for me so I will just stick to these for now :-).

These pre cut zig zag tips were super easy to use, I started by painting all nails with two easy coats of Jealous, Much? I then taped off the tips on each nail and using Steele Your Heart I painted the tips on each nail apart from my traditional ring finger accent nail. For this nail I decided to paint the lower section and leave the tip mint green.

For added cuteness I applied some flat back mint green pearls with the use of my orange stick and top coat. I love these little pearls and cant wait to use them in more manicures.

I am really pleased with how thes turned out and I love these two colours together.

We are now off to Nando's for tea with friends - what do you all have planned for this weekend?

Take care

Louise xx


  1. super pretty *____________*



  2. Cute! For some reason, your pointer, middle and pinky fingers remind me of Tinkerbelle's I totally off-base? Ha! Adorable, though!

  3. Another gorgeous creation Mini - we must invest in a nail fund for you so you can purchase more of those ORLY collections. Amazing!

  4. These remind me of little tuxedo's! :)

  5. This looks awesome!! I have to try the zigzag pattern!