Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pink and Silver nails

Do you ever have one of those days?

Today is one of those for me. It started badly, I stubbed my toe as soon as I got up, I snapped my mascara wand in my mascara tube, I couldnt find the shirt I wanted to wear, I left the house 15 minutes late only to realise I had no petrol. I finally got onto the work car park to get stuck behind someone who needed 5 attempts to park and then realise she had taken the last space! Finally I had an argument with a tube of superglue and as a result it ruint my nails before I could take the pictures.

And breath... :-). The superglue explain the 'dink' in my index finger but I just had to show you these nails anyway.

To create this look I used BYS Fuchsia Flash as the base. I loved this colour in the bottle when I bought it this weekend but hated it on my nail. It dried with a frost finish with a slight lilac undertone and just looked really old fashioned. This meant I had to change my nail art plans as I wanted to cover this colour up as much as possible.

I reached for a pattern I had not used before on plate BM 223. I honestly thought I would hate this look but I ended up really liking it which just made the whole superglue debacle even more annoying!

On a litter note my brand new stamping plate arrived today and features some really pretty and intricate patterns - I cannot wait to get started on using this new extra large plate!

Do you ever start a manicure, think you will hate it, but manage to totally turn it around?

Louise xx


  1. Bummer about your morning but your nails made up for it!!! They look beautiful!!! As for liking a mani that I thought I wouldn't... Well it's usually the other way around LOL :))

  2. So pretty! Your nail shape is fantastic, by the way! ;)

  3. :( boo-urns to your crappy morning... But seriously your nails look fantastic! Great job.