Thursday, 18 October 2012

Magnetic Nails - Grey

More magnetic nails... :-)

I know I said I didnt really like magnetic polish but after the success of the new Barry M Green Magnetic polish recently I just could not resist this lovely sparkly grey version.

Again this is part of the second collection of Barry M Magentics and the quality of this polish is so much better than the first four released earlier this year.

This polish is Barry M Magnetic Multi Sparkle. The name really could not say it better... just look at how striking the magnetic effect is with these polishes! The amount of sparkle added to each little bottle is fantastic and really comes to life under artificial light.

I added this cute little butterfly accents using Konad White and a small design found on plate M78.

I was so pleased with this design that I kept waving my nails under colleagues noses at work in order to get them to pay special attention to the magnetic design and all that pretty sparkle. I will wear this polish again and again. I am so pleased I gave Magnetics a second chance.

Louise xx


  1. I hear ya sista! I was totally over magnetic polishes until I tried the new Barry M polishes, they are great aren't they? This looks lovely x

  2. Ha, never seen sparkly magnetic polish!! I love magnetics so I might have to get this one!! Love the stamping too!!