Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn Leaf nails

Happy Saturday!

We had a lovely walk with the dogs this morning, the sun is shining brighter than it has all summer but there is a real nip in the air that alerts us to the change in seasons. As we were walking across the field I noticed lots of lovely coloured leaves on the ground and nail inspiration was born...

I started with an Essie base, I'm afraid I don't know the name as it wasn't labelled in TK Maxx, but it's a really nice neutral colour. I then selected a nice mixture of autumnal colours to use for the stamping.

Using a design on plate BM 04 I then used Konad Red, Barry M Block Orange and Barry M Yellow to create these pretty three toned leaves. I wanted each nail to be a little different so I used different colour combinations for each print and also laid the pattern down at different angles, just to keep it interesting :-).

I'm really pleased with the results and using this many colours for stamping was not as hard as I had expected.  The Konad Red is such a fantastic colour and just goes to show that the investment in proper stamping polishes is worth it. Maybe the Konad Orange and Yellow polishes will find their way into my shopping basket soon.

We will shortly be off to a dinner party at our friends house so I hope you have enjoyed my post today and hope you all have fabulous Saturday evenings.

Louise xx


  1. This is beautiful! Your stamping is perfect!

  2. This turned out great!! I love all the pretty fall colors!!

  3. oh my, this is sooo gorgeous!!!!! I love the multicolors on the leaves!!!!

  4. So pretty, love the autumn colours x

  5. Really, REALLY, love these nails. X

  6. Really, REALLY, love these nails. X