Thursday, 2 May 2013

Butterfly Wing nails

Good evening lovelies

Tonight is my girly birthday meal.. see what I mean about extended birthdays in my family :-)?

We are going to a Japanese grill called Shiki and I cannot wait. Some of us have been before and the food was amazing, all freshly cooked in front of us by our own chef for the evening. There are 9 of us dining tonight and I just know that we will all love our meals.

I did something a little special to my nails for the occasion...

I started with two quick coats of Barry M Papaya which is a lovely rich peach to orange colour. Then using a small piece of make up sponge I added Barry M Grapefruit to half of each nail.

I then topped each nail off with Northern Lights top coat in Silver. Once that was dry I opened my shiny new stamping plates that had arrived from Israel recently. I had been lemming after these plates for months so once I saw they were back in stock I purchased them quickly. You can read more about how to do that here... Nail Craze.

Using Konad Black I stamped the monarch style butterfly wing onto each nail. I love that you get two different sizes and I love it that the design is flipped so your right and left hands are mirror images.

Finally using a dotting tool and a little white nail polish I added some dots to make my nails look more like authentic monarch butterfly wings.

I am loving how detailed these nails look. I think Natalie from Nail Craze is brilliant for designing this beautiful plate and I look forward to using the others I also purchased from her.

I am off to eat at the grill - have a great evening everyone :-)

Louise xx


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you all enjoyed your meal out! Congrats on getting the NC plate, they are so amazing. I love how you did this, its very well done. I've yet to use my butterfly pattern! :)

  2. These are beautiful! Love the colours. I hope you had a lovely birthday meal :)

  3. What does the dotting tool look like and where can I get one?