Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Swatch: Loves Me Not

Good evening lovelies

How are you all? I am so excited to share with you this amazing swatch post. It is rare for me to feature just a swatch (in fact its only happened once before) but this polish was far too good for me to not showcase it alone.

This beauty is called Loves Me Not which couldn't be more wrong as I LOVE this colour so much.

Loves Me Not is a blackened purple polish absolutely jam packed with purple, blue and pink micro glitters. The colours shift completely depending on the light you catch this polish. All of my pictures were taken in full sunlight which seemed to really emphasise the purple and pink glitters.

This polish has just launched itself into my top five. I literally couldnt bring myself to take it off :-).

How do you like this lovely polish? I dont think I will ever get bored of it... but we will see ;-)

Lou xx


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Looks a little like an Insta-dri one I have, Grape escape xx

  2. This is gorgeous - Will definitely be a purchase of mine in the very near future!x