Thursday, 16 May 2013

Striping Tape Mani: Green and Navy

Good evening lovelies

Here is the manicure I mentioned in yesterdays post which uses the beautiful Orly Au Champagne as the base. This tape manicure is a first for me and I found it a little harder than I thought but still I am pleased with the result and love the bold contrast of green and navy :-).

As you know I started with a base of pearly white Au Champagne by Orly. Then using lots of short lengths of striping tape purchased from Amazon I laid down a geometric design that created sections I could fill with colour.

Working on only one nail at a time I started to carefully paint each square with either Barry M Spring Green or Barry M Navy. I absolutely love both of these colours but this is the first time I have paired them together.

As soon as I had finished painting each nail I very carefully removed each length of striping tape using tweezers. It is important you do not allow the polish to dry so you need to work relatively quickly.

Finally once I finished all 10 nails (proof below!) I allowed them to fully dry before adding two layers of top coat to fully smooth everything over.

Not my neatest work but still I love the results and will definitley attempt another full tape manicure in the future.

How do you like blue and green together? Are you a fan of this bold colour blocking style manicure?

Louise xx


  1. I love this combo!! Email me your address please ;)

  2. your nails are gorgeous <3