Monday, 27 May 2013

Pink Feather Nails

Good evening lovelies

I hope you have all had fantastic weekends. Here in the UK it is a Bank Holiday today which means we got to enjoy a three day weekend and by some miracle... the sun was shining! Mr LiPP and I managed to get the balance right between relaxing and having fun and also getting some bits done to the house and garden that we had previously put off. All in all it has been a wonderful break.

Onto my nails of the day...

I started with a base of Barry M Strawberry Icecream on all nails. This polish has a thin formula so needs three coats for full opacity. It is a beautiful pale pink colour so luckily the extra patience needed for a third coat is worth it :-).

Using Barry M Silver Foil I stamped the feather design from Konad plate M77 on all nails except my ring finger. Then using Barry M Pink Foil I placed the same feather designs at differing angles so that each nail featured several pretty feathers.

On my middle finger I used Barry M Lilac Foil instead of the Pink Foil in the above picture.

On my ring finger I added just one coat of the extremely blinged out W7 Multi Dazzle glitter polish. Just about every colour you can imagine can be found in this glitter and I had no need for dabbing or clever placement, I simply painted it on.

The inspiration for these nails were taken from a ring I made a few weeks ago with white feathers and the same Multi Dazzle glitter on a pale pink base. I love this ring :-).

Sadly it is back to work tomorrow and I have to work out of our second office which is two hours away. It will be the first time I have been on a 'road trip' to that office without my little sis *sob*. Laus has some time off work as her hubby is back from Afghan on two weeks RnR :-).

Louise xx

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