Thursday, 13 September 2012

Navy and Pink Half Moon and Dots

Considering that I had no inspiration today this manicure turned out pretty well :-)

Sitting at work thinking about what I would create on my nails tonight I realised I was a little stuck for ideas so I turned to Faye and asked her to come up with a design for me. Faye loves navy so it was a given that she would pick it as the main colour but the pink half moons and pink polka dots were a pleasant surprise.

Here is the finished result...

I love this Navy

For this manicure I started with two coats of Barry M Shocking Pink, I waited for that to dry and then stuck paper re-inforcement rings at the bottom of each nail creating a half moon shape. I then painted Barry M Navy over the exposed part of each nail and finally once that was dry I used the Shocking Pink to add small polka dots.

This is my first attempt at a half moon manicure and I am really pleased with results. Pink and Navy are a fantastic combination for me as well :-).

Louise xx


  1. Love these Lou, they're right up my street :) Maybe someone else will have an idea they'd like you to try?! xxxx

  2. This looks fantastic!!! Going into my MSMD folder on Pinterest!!! :))

  3. I love these, I would like to see a Mani with some sparkles soon Lou!! :)

  4. this manicure is so, so pretty <3

  5. I LOVE these Mini - So pretty! :-)

  6. Love love love these :-)) x x