Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pink and Green Skittle

I Love Love Love Pink and Green!

This pretty little pastel skittle has been on my to do list for such a long time, and I love these two different rose flower stamps so overall this is pretty much a perfect mani for me!

To create this look I started with three coats each of Barry M Mint Green and Barry M Strawberry Icecream. Such pretty colours but I have to be in a patient mood to use them as they each always needs three coats to build a solid colour.

Then I used stamp BM 323 for the large roses and Konad M65 for the small roses and swirls in Konad White special polish. The line and dot design on my little finger is also taken from M65. I then used one of my dotting tools to freehand Barry M Matt White spots onto my middle finger and thumb.

As I was in the playful mood I then used the smaller end of the same dotting tool to add Mint Green dots to my thumb nail et voila...

Excuse the 'dink' on my middle finger nail - the tripod decided to fall on me before I took pictures :-(

Take care

Louise xx