Sunday, 23 September 2012

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Happy Birthday Little Laus :-)

Today is my younger sister Laura's birthday!!

To celebrate this happy day I designed some beautiful sparkly pink birthday nails and also put together some of my favourite pictures from the past few years as an ode to my little sister, my best friend.

I used Barry M Strawberry Icecream as the pale pink base colour. I then painted the balloons on using Barry M Fuschia. Finally I added a little sparkle by using Barry M Iridescent Pink on my index and ring fingers and a raspberry large hex glitter from a brand called Chit Chat on my middle and little fingers. Thanks to my lovely friend Hayley who bought me this glitter as a surprise a few months ago.

On my thumb nail I stamped the lipstick mark using Barry M Fuschia and added XOXO (meaning hugs and kisses) with my black nail art pen.

Marta will love this bottle :-)

The above picture is taken with one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. Its a silver bangle with a very special poem about sisters engraved on it and was of course a gift to me from Laura for my birthday earlier in the year.

Below is the collage I designed showing just some of the lovely pictures we have had taken together in the last few years.

Happy Birthday xx


  1. Too cute! Happy Birthday Laus xx

  2. Ahhhh love u big sis ! :) love the girly birthday nails! Xoxo

  3. This is so lovely Louise :) Happy Birthday Laura! xxx

  4. Lovely nails Lou. Happy Birthday Laura. x