Monday, 10 September 2012

Grey with Pink Flowers

Did I ever tell you that I love grey and pink together? The room dedicated to my nail obsession is decorated in grey and pink and it looks so pretty. I will take pictures soon and put them on here so you can see just how dedicated I am to this desire to collect nail polish :-).

Needless to say that todays manicure is indeed grey, pink and flowery. Pretty!

To create this look I used a brand of nail polish that I have never heard of before... NV. I got 8 gorgeous bottles from this collection just recently and this is my first manicure to include one of the colours. This pretty pale grey is called Puddle and it is such a great colour for me. Full coverage in two coats and dries in super quick time.

I then stamped this floral design using BM 224 and another new to me brand of nail polishes... exposed. This bright magenta pink is called All Nighter. It is quite a thick polish which makes it perfect for dtamping and I will be interested to see how it works as a base colour in the future. It dries very matt so I added top coat to make my nails nice and shiny.

In the sunlight at 7am this morning!
What do you think of grey and pink together. Is this a combo you would wear? If so I would love to see pictures.

Take care

Louise xx


  1. This is a gorgeous combo, feminine but not too feminine! I got the 2011 plates for my bday and can't want to try them . X

  2. This combo is awesome! I'm really impressed with this look :)