Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Only Double Stamping Will Do

Hey lovelies

Tonight I am going to show you my finished nails using Barry M Chai as a base. Also this is one of very few occasions that I double stamped each nail and I absolutely love how the finished look came out :)

I started with a base of Chai on all nails. You can see my swatch pictures on this perfect grey by clicking back to yesterdays post.

Using Barry M Silver Foil I then stamped subtle stripes using a design from plate BM 423. My original plan was to leave this manicure at that as I wanted just a gentle contrast so as not to distract from the base colour. However that plan did not work out as not all of the stripes transferred to my nail and I was left with bald patches that just drove me crazy!

Rather than removing everything I started again I decided to stamp again but this time with a simple flower outline and a darker colour. I used a new bottle of Konad Black which is unfortunately a little thin and meant that again some of the design didnt transfer to my nail (not my day!) but overall I dont think it spoilt the look and I love the finished look.

How do you like this finished look?

Have you tried the double stamping technique? Its a great way to use even more of my new stamping plates and a great excuse for me to buy even more :)

Lou xx

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