Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bringing Magnetic Nails back

Good evening lovelies

I am not sure how my fellow nail bloggers will feel about this but today I am wearing Magnetic Nail Polish! I feel like this is totally out of fashion right now but I realised last week that the more people I spoke to about it the less people I found who actually knew what it was!

Firstly let me say please excuse my less than neat lines, both around the cuticles and for the magnetic pattern itself, I did this mani at work and got totally sprung by my new Director who then decided to stand behind me and fire questions at me about how it works and where to buy the polish from! Bless him, apparently his step daughters are now getting magnetic polish as stocking fillers!

I used two different Barry M Magnetic polishes for this look. The red is called Magnetic Burgandy and the gold is called Magnetic Gold Sparkle (creative huh?). I painted one coat of each colour onto my nails and let it completely dry before I moved onto the magnet stage.

Working on one nail at a time, I added a second coat of the same colour to each nail and then held the magnetic removeable lid from the polish bottle over the top for 20 seconds. And thats it! The polish contains tiny crushed up metal particles that are drawn to the top of the polish by the pull of the magnet. The finished nail makes it look like you had to use two different colours to achieve the look when in truth its much easier and quicker than that!

This really is quick and easy nail art that can be achieved by anyone and I'm not sure why it fell out of favour so quickly. Maybe the nail market was flooded by Magnetic polishes popping up all over the place but according to the Avon book it's about to make a come back.

Thank you to Lorraine and Erika for re-igniting my interest in these polishes and I am so glad you like the Sally Hansen ones I bought for you :).

How do you feel about Magnetic polishes? Are you still sick of them from the first time around or do you think we could make a come back with them?

Lou xx



  1. I have Magnetic Burgundy and I really like the effect that the magnet makes on the nails. I like how it looks on your nails too in combination with Gold Sparkle! Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. I've had this for years and feel disappointed that I've never used it before now! It's going to be great for Christmas too. Have a lovely weekend :) x

  2. Sorry for my lack of comments :( I love this, I've never owned or used magnetic polishes but this manicure looks gorgeous, i LOVE the magnetic pull pattern and the colours in between are so luxurious looking :)

    1. Hi Ithi, hope you are ok? I can't believe it took me so long to even try this polish! I'm so pleased with how easy yet effective it is. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)) x