Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Easy Splatter Nails

Happy Tuesday

Splatter nails have been on my to-do list for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love how they look and really admire other nail bloggers gorgeous pictures and colour choices. I just cant face the clean up that would be needed after blowing nail polish through a straw in the hope that some of it lands on your nail. Time to cheat and break out the stamping plates...

I started with a base of the beautiful Cardamom by Barry M. Another fabulous autumnal shade that I know I will turn to time and time again.

Using Barry M Silver Foil I stamped the splatter image from plate BM 416 onto each nail.

Then turning the same image upside down I stamped each nail again, this time with Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver (which is almost black, but not quite as harsh).

I will definitely be using this image again but next time I will pick colours that do not end up looking like I have camouflaged my nails ready for battle! :)

Not quite as effective as an authentic splatter mani but certainly much friendly on the clean up!

Lou xx

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