Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Purple Nails

Happy Day Before Easter lovelies!

Hope you all had a lovely first few days of the Easter break? Today I went into the city with my sister so we could get new outfits for our night out tomorrow. After an hour or so of not finding anything suitable we gave up and headed to the pub for an all day breakfast and a glass of wine. Yes you read that right... we ordered a nice glass of Pinot with our fry up and it was only 11.38am! Naughty but nice... well we are on holiday! :-).

Tonight I thought I would show you a super quick Easter inspired manicure I did featuring the perfect shade of Cadbury's purple with a gold accent...

I started with two coats of Barry M Vivid Purple on each nail. It really is a stunning shade of purple and as usual for Barry M the formula is great to work with.

On top of Vivid Purple I layered just one coat of the much coveted Max Factor Fantasy Fire. It is lovely to look at but terrible to take pictures of :-(. The above picture has the flash off and the below picture has the flash on so you can see just how multi toned the glitters are.

Finally I stamped just my ring finger with the rabbit in an Easter egg design taken from plate BM 302 using Barry M Gold Foil (of course!)

Quick and simple but definitely reminds me of the Cadbury's purple and definitely puts me in the mind for chocolate :-)

Take care

Louise xx


  1. Lovely! I agree about the gold and purple ~ It really is like cadbury's! The stamp is gorgeous. Fantasy fire really is beautiful for a topper :) Have a great Easter xxx