Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ascalon and Princess Tears

Good evening lovelies

Half way through the week already :-). Hope you had a good day? As I mentioned yesterday I am currently away with work so this is a quick pre-scheduled post from me tonight.

I will let these beautiful pictures do the talking as with all the a-England polishes I have tried so far these two really are perfection to apply...

I started with a base of a-England Ascalon on my Little and Middle fingers and a base of Princess Tears on my Ring and Index fingers. Two easy coats of each polish and then you can stand back and admire the gorgeous holo hues.

Using some small lengths of striping tape I added a diagonal line design to my ring finger and a vertical line design on my index finger. I then painted one perfect coat of Ascalon over the full nail (including tape) and removed the strips while my nails was still wet.

Flash on...

Some simple and yet I love it :-)

I am so glad I decided not to stamp over these beautiful polishes as the delicate little stripes show how well they go together just perfectly.

Louise xx


  1. Beautiful! Is your brush ok in Princess Tears? The one I got recently is awful and made it so hard to apply - it's all splayed out and stiff :( - such a shame as the polish itself is gorgeous

    1. Yes the brush is fine. I did once have a faulty brush in my a-England Bridal Veil but I just dropped them an email and I had a perfect replacement in my hands two days later. Great customer service xx

  2. Hi Lou, I will email them, thank you for that. I have quite a few other a-Englands which are all fine xx