Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Nails: Eggs

Happy Easter

I wasn't really planning on doing anymore Easter related nails but as I sat staring at my pretty pastel polishes I just couldn't resist this quick but effective manicure based on everyone's favourite seasonal goodies... Easter Eggs!!

Any excuse to use these beautiful pastels is ok by me...

To create this sweet Easter treat I used the following polishes, all Barry M's:

Little finger - Blueberry Icecream
Index finger - Strawberry Icecream
Middle finger - Berry Icecream
Index finger - Peach Melba
Thumb - Mint Green

Once the pretty pastels were dry I added a quick coat of Northern Lights Silver Hologram top coat and then stamped the bow using Konad White and the design found on plate M56.

Finally using Barry M White I added lots of small randomly placed dots.

Super cute Easter manicure, done! :-)

Louise xx