Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Double Swatch: Sally Hansen: Straw-ready and S-teal a Base

Happy Wednesday

I hope you week has been full of fun so far? Mine is flying by a little too quickly! I have something on every night and am crazy busy at work too. I dont  mind this week going quickly though as I am really looking forward to the weekend. It is the fabulous Miss Bunn's 30th bday and she is having a 1920's themed party :)

Starting with Straw-ready which is a deep pinky red. This is more on the pink side which is why I am so happy with it (you probably all know my feelings about red polish by now!). The Insta Dri polishes are always good quality, fully opaque in two coats and of course they dry nice and fast.

Next up is S-teal a Base. The play on the polish name would indicate this was going to be more of a teal but as you can see from the pictures it really is a bright in your face spring green. Which is just perfect for me as I LOVE green!

As you can see there is a gorgeous metallic shimmer hidden in the depths of this beautiful green which just makes me love it even more!

I am very happy with these additions to my insta dri collection. I picked these up in Poundland so they were a total bargain and apparently they are limited edition so I am glad I broke my no buy rules too :).

Lou xx

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