Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rainbow Sprinkles: Barry M Matte

Hey lovelies

So I will admit that these ended up being a bit of a nail fail but as I like the idea and the colours I am still going to share the pictures with you. Not my best work but I will let you decide...

All the colours used in this manicure are from the Barry M Matte collections.

I started with a base of Vanilla on all nails. Vanilla is the matte version of Almond (Gelly) and a great base for all sorts of nail art. It dries quickly and has a really pretty satin style matte finish. Swatches on the way soon :-)

Using my dotting tool I quite simply added small random lines of colour from the latest Barry M Matte collection - the Brights.

My lines, particularly on my ring finger, are no where near perfect and actually look more like blobs but I hope you still get the idea of what I was trying to achieve with these nails... Sprinkles! I am addicted to ice-cream so have to sprinkles on my nails really appealed :-).

Finally just to mattify these colours totally I added one coat of Essie Matte About You but it caused lots of smudging and just made me not like this final look even more. Interesting the difference a matte top coat makes though as all of the polishes I used are meant to be matte finish anyway?

Onwards and upwards to much better nail art tomorrow

Lou xx


  1. I think these are adorable Lou :) I've found that lots of "matte finish" polishes actually dry sorta waxy.

    1. Yes that's the perfect word to describe the finish Ash... Waxy :)) xx