Monday, 14 July 2014

Inspired By: Cream and Coral Dress: Gel Nails

Something a little different from me today... I am showing you some gel nails that I created on my little sister, Laura. These were designed to match a stunning dress, that just so happens to be the backdrop to these pictures, which Laura wore to a wedding a few weeks ago.

Firstly let me slightly apologise for the picture quality but if any of you have tried to capture the pure beauty of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy on camera you will know its a near on impossible task!

For these gel nails we started with three thin coats of IBD Cashmere Blush, a very pale cream polish. Worn alone it can be a little frustrating as you can usually still see a nail line, however used as the base for nail art its absolutely ideal.

Using FFF I stamped each nail with an image from one of my favourite stamping plates - Pueen 49. The picture below is taken in natural light with no flash so although it is not colour accurate you can at least see the detail on the nail a little better.

To finish these off I applied one coat of IBD Top Coat and cured it for two minutes. Voila!

Lou xx


  1. Wow!!! Never knew that these two colors would look great together. Love it!!!!

    1. Thank you Julie :). I am so pleased that FFF actually stamps so cleanly. Can't wait to try it out on my own nails now x

  2. This is amazing! I love that the stamping is so subtle but it really does look fantastic and I love the colours. I really need to own flip flop fantasy! xx

    1. I really wish my pictures had done this justice. Apparently FFF has a new formula and slightly different colour now but I'm yet to buy another bottle to actually test that out. It's a real favourite of mine. I hope you get it soon :)) xx