Monday, 3 February 2014

Filigree Nails with Bling Accent

Happy Monday lovelies

How are you all doing? I am pleased to be on the road to recovery, I just need to shift this pesky cough and I will be fully fit just in time for our holiday! Yes thats right, Mr and Mrs LiPP as well as 10 friends will be off to Bansko Bulgaria on Saturday and we cannot wait! Dont get me wrong, personally I'm not one for hours spent in the cold attempting to balance on skis but I am most certainly one for group holidays with friends and loved ones. Days spent chilled out in the hot tub or shopping and enjoying a glass or two of bubbly. Evenings spent with all of us eating together, leisurely walks to the pub and plenty of drinking games!

Here are my nails of the day...

I showed you this beautiful polish yesterday but of course I had to dress it up. To make a nice change to my usual nail art I decided to reach for some some nail wraps to create an accent nail.

These were given to me by a friend so I am afraid I dont have the packaging to get the details from however I can tell you they are clear wraps with individual golden yellow rhinestones attached. Talk about save me the time of individual 'bling' placement!

Of course I couldnt resist stamping on my other nails so I picked one of my most favourite stamps and my most trusted stamping polish... Barry M Gold Foil.

This little filigree pattern can be found on the original Bundle Monster plates - BM21.

I am off to start packing my winter clothes into the biggest suitcase I can find!

Lou xx


  1. I love the final result and the stamping pattern is perfect with this color. Does foil wraps, are they staying on your nails for several days...because I tried some and after 10 min. I have to take them off, because they look horrible, maybe I am doing something wrong.

    1. Thank you :). I know what you mean about foil wraps as I never got on with them either. These ones were different. The clear part of the wrap was almost like plastic and very easy to apply. The corners still peeled quite easily but the overall effect was very good.