Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Swatch: RCH Nail Polish in Purple

Happy Hump Day!

Had a lovely catch up with the girls last night. Tonight I am going to enjoy a quiet night and maybe give myself a full manicure and cuticle treatment. Mr LiPP is at the cinema so I am going to pour myself a glass of something cold, snuggle on the sofa with the dogs and more than likely eat chocolate :-)

Another pretty RCH swatch for you tonight...

This is the final colour in the collection. As with the others the formula is certainly not perfect but is workable with a little patience.

I really like the below pic as you can see the pretty pink undertones that made me love this colour rather than just like it.

My pictures show two thin coats with Seche Vite top coat (needed three coats really).

Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing evening too

Lou xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jamie. I'm going to stamp over it to hide the thin patches ;) x

  2. Gorgeous shade, it reminds me a little of Model's Own purple passion with less purple! I hope your evening in was fun, sounds like what I am planning tonight! Hope you have a great weekend :) xx

    1. Thanks ithi. Hope you had a nice relaxing evening too. My nails are all freshly manicured I'm just waiting for them to be a little longer so I can square them off after two recent breaks :( xx