Sunday, 2 February 2014

Swatch: RCH Nail Polish in Salmon Pink

Happy Sunday loves

I hope you all had fantastic weekends? I am recovering from a really rotten cold which actually meant I had to cancel my plans for Friday night and also limited what I felt able to do on Saturday and Sunday. All that said, I still got out in the crisp winter air for dog walking and I still spent a good few hours curled up on the sofa at my sisters watching Vampire Diaries.

Tonight I am going to show you this really pretty swatch from RCH

This polish is from another of the half price gift sets I treated myself to in the Boots Christmas sale. I had never seen or heard of these polishes before so just had to give them a go. I do always feel disappointed when a polish has no name but I was willing to overlook that for this beautiful colour.

Somewhere between Salmon Pink and a really Pinky Coral, I really love this colour.

I will say now that I do not love the quality or the formula of this polish but lets not let that spoil the finished look. After three coats and a over generous amount of Seche Vite I managed to get this polish looking half decent.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovelies and dont forget to check back to find out how I prettified this Salmon Pink swatch :-)

Lou xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely. This was my favourite out of the set so I'm glad you like it too :))

  2. Beautiful shade Lou, I've never seen RCH before but it looks like a great brand! Can't wait to see this polish under go one of your amazing transformations! Sorry to hear a cold stifled your weekend, I hope you are feeling better now! xx

    1. Thank you Ithi. I'd never seen this brand either but couldn't resist them in the half price sale. Application a little tricky on this but not too bad. Feeling much better now thank goodness :)) xx