Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beautifully Bright with Glitter Accent

Hey lovelies

Pinch and a punch its the first of the month!

These beautiful nails are actually from a few weeks ago but they are too pretty for me to not squeeze them into my blog line up. I kept this look quite simple as I was wearing a very patterned dress and I have to admit they did end up complimenting my outfit very nicely :-)

I started with a base of Models Own Amethyst on all nails. Unfortunately the formula of this polish has thickened up so much that I could barely use it. I havent looked online yet to see if anyone else has had issues with the formula or if I just got unlucky with my bottle.

Using what is my all time favourite glitter topper, Ibiza Mix, I then added one quick and easy coat to my accent nail. I absolutely love how each of the individual glitter colours showed up so well against the purple background.

Once these little beauties were dry I went to meet the girls for Prosecco and gossip :-)

Lou xx


  1. Beeauuutiful! I just love this combination, I think I may have said before that I struggle to pair Ibiza Mix even though its stunning but this combination is just gorgeous :) Hope you have a great evening! xx

    1. Thanks Ithi. I don't know if it's because hubs picked Ibiza mix especially for me so it's a bit special but I feel like I could wear it all the time! I just love it. Ended up having a lovely night in with take away and cuddles :) xx

  2. Hi, Catching up with posts today - my bottle of Amethyst is very thick and gunky too. Thinner definitely required before I use it again. So, it isn't just yours! xx