Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gradient Nails with Chalk Dust topper

Good evening lovelies

Here we are again, more than half of the working week already done :-). I am not away with work this week and have purposely kept my diary as clear as I can so I actually get some evenings at home. Last night I started working on some nail polish rings so I look forward to spending a few more hours completing them tonight. I also finally got around to using my lovely new indie inspired black and white glitter topper for my nail of the day...

I started with a base of Lavendar Cloud by Sally Hansen. Lavendar Cloud is a white polish with the subtlest hint of lilac mixed in. In all honesty there was not quite enough hint of lilac for my liking and this polish dried to a bright white finish. The formula was good as I have come to expect from the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure range.

Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud

Using a small piece of make up sponge I gently  sponged Barry M Bright Purple onto the tips of each nail. I didnt worry too much about blending as I knew I was going to add this lovely glitter topper as a finishing touch.

Chalk Dust is the best glitter topper I have used in ages! I love how simple it is yet how effective it will look over every colour. I only had to apply one coat to get this look so you can see how chock full of glitter this clear polish base actually is.

Chalk Dust contains black and white hexagonal glitter varying in size from very large to very small - it really is that simple!
Chalk Dust - macro shot

How do you like this look? Are you a fan of black and white glitters? I cannot wait to try this again and I am defintitely going to break out my matte top coat next time.

Lou xx


  1. Beautiful combo, I love the glitter. I bet it would look gorgeous matte!

  2. I've been eyeing these "Polka Dot" toppers every time I go to the store... You make it look like a good purchase, so I may have to re-visit my decision not to buy these... lol!