Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Simple Skittlette

Good evening lovelies

This is my first post in a week for several reasons but the main two being... it took me forever to recover from the rotten cold/flu bug that I just couldnt paint my nails as much as usual and when I did paint my nails I didnt like them... everything was just bleurgh!

This look is no exception but I missed my blog so much that I am going ahead and posting it anyways...

My index and middle fingers each have two coats of Barry M Pink Flamingo, which was my favourite summer polish last year, and three neatly placed loose silver glitters from the Born Pretty Store.

My ring finger is two coats of Barry M Matt White stamped with Konad Black and a geometric pattern that I really just dont like at all :(

Lastly my little finger is one coat of Barry M Silver Foil topped with one thick coat of Orly Holy Halo.

In my head this was the perfect skittlette but in real life it was just a mis-matched mani! Oh well onwards and upwards. I am now recovered from my cold and back to nail painting as many times in a week as I can manage! :-)

Lou xx


  1. Great to have you back Lou.... Think you're being a little harsh as this is a good mani :-). Xxx

  2. Thanks Miss Bunn. Good to be back! I didnt like this so much but glad you did :-) xx

  3. I think this is a beautiful design! I love the Barry M color, and the loose glitters match well with the glitterified pinky. And I like the geometric pattern -- it adds... class? I don't know.. to the mani!