Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tristam with a Stripey Accent

Good evening lovelies

I hope you are all well? Today is my birthday and I have had an amazing day. My little sister spoiled me rotten from morning til night. So many presents to open this morning and then a full day of eating, shopping, drinking and more eating! These are not the nails I wore for today as I'm a little behind with blogging but the colours are the same so close enough :-)

I started with two perfect coats of a-England Tristam, a gorgeous blue ppolish full of glimmer and glow, on all fingers except my ring finger. For this finger I reached for a-England Merlin, a spectacular silver glitter that really is something special in only one thick(ish) coat.

Once all of that was dry, I added five lengths of striping tape to my ring finger and with the tape still in place I painted just one coat of Tristam. Whilst Tristam was still wet I used tweezers to carefully remove each length of tape and added two small star shaped fimo slices.

I love how the holo particles in Tristam (blue) compliment the gorgeous glitters in Merlin (silver). The format on each of the a-England polishes I own is just amazing. I need more of these polishes in my life :-)

I hope you liked these nails? I am off to continue the birthday celebrations... honestly I am so lucky as I got fantastic gifts and I also have amazing friends and family with whom I celebrate each year.

Lou xx


  1. Sending birthday wishes from Chicago! I hope you're having a wonderful today! Love the mani! :)

  2. The polishes are very pretty and the accent nail is adorable!

    1. Thank you lovely :). These polishes are such amazing quality x