Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Swatch: Orly Orange Sorbet

Good evening lovelies

How has your day been? I have had one of those days that I am glad to forget about! Luckily for me my evening will involve relaxing in my comfies while I swatch some new polish :-). A great way to unwind. Here is my swatch of Orange Sorbet...

This little pretty is new to my collection so I was a little disappointed to find its a three coater and I could still see bald spots so it maybe needed a fourth!

Luckily the beautiful golden shimmer that did translate from bottle to nail saved this polish from being in my bad books for too long :-)

Below is a picture taken with no flash - the difference is so huge that you could think these are two different polishes! I had to use the flash to show you how pretty the golden shimmer actually is.

Check back tomorrow to see how I 'prettied' this swatch up :-)

Lou xx


  1. It's prettiest with the flash - I really like that shimmer!

    1. Me too :-). Quite a few of my pictures have come out better with the flash on recently. I love the shimmery base of this one xx