Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cancun with an Opal Accent

Good evening lovelies

At last I hear you cry! Well the lovely Samantha at least. It seems I have been missed and that was enough to inspire me to try much harder with my blog. My absence can be explained quite simply and you nail lovelies will no doubt sympathise... bad breakage (real bad), nasty cut right across my cuticles (stupid kitchen door handle) and life (bad then good then busy!). Enough talking... let the green nails do the talking.

I have shown you this MOST amazing green before... I adore it and feel like it was made for me. My dream colour in a bottle. Tonight I decided to add just one simple topper to my accent nail so as not to distract from its jade beautifulness (is that a word?)

Opal is a clear based polish designed to be worn as a top coat. Its made up of beautiful shards of opalescent glitters and will look good over every colour in your entire polish collection.

I can admit I did not capture the true beauty of this top coat. In real life I had people who I see every day but have NEVER mentioned my nails before, comment on how stunning it looked. The colours are a beautiful rainbow of petrol stains and I imagine will show up gorgeously over black.

Dare I say... this one will be perfect to liven up Christmas nail colours!

Lou xx


  1. Yay at last!!! Brilliant mani, simply gorgeous xxx

    1. Guess who's back ;)). Glad you like this look. The opal top coat is so pretty in real life xx

  2. Very pretty :) I haven't been online much for the last few months either. Life gets in the way lol xx