Monday, 10 November 2014

Swatch: Ciate: Starlet

Happy Monday!

Just time for a quick swatch post tonight. This very pretty duochrome polish has been in my untrieds since last December. I had a Ciate advent calendar so each day I got the best surprise of a new mini bottle of nail polish. Better than a chocolate ANY day!

Starlet is a beautiful purple, blue and green duochrome mix. I will admit now that I really am not the best at capturing duochrome so I have not done this polish justice but trust me when I say its almost magical.

Working with the super mini brush was a little interesting but I didnt struggle too much and I will definitely treat myself to Ciate calendar this year if they are available at the Clothes Show in early December.

Hope you have a wonderful evening

Lou xx


  1. Uh, that looks really great! I love the shimmer :)

    1. Thanks lovely. It's certainly an eye catching polish :)

  2. Missing your posts! A short while ago I recommended you to Born Pretty Store for stamping plates and such, I'm not sure if you got an email from them? I hope all is well with you <3 xx